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In the Age of Digital rise, what does Out-of-Home have to offer?

Not only traditional business industries have experienced disruptions, when everything gets online and digital, advertising is affected too — in fact, much as most of us may not have noticed, the changes in advertising industries have been most radical than ever. We think it is interesting to find out what out-of-home has got to offer and how your business could leverage this “old-fashioned” way of advertising.

In the Age of Digital rise

1.Top-of-mind awareness:
It is important in advertising that we provide enough information for audience to be exposed to, yet there are simply way too many people doing the same thing. Far as the resources allow, having your adverts on as many screens as possible helps to create top-of-mind awareness or what advertisers like to coin it, brand recall. The ultimate goal of advertising also has to do with how much people know you, remember you and consider buying your products. Yet beware of the response the audience as it may get annoying or too personal sometimes.

2. OOH or Digital: Reports say getting both work better.
Struggled to decide which category your budget should go to in order to get highest response and participation over channels? According to the reportpeople who see a brand’s out-of-home advert are 17% more likely to interact with the brand on their mobile. If this is not powerful yet, we don’t know what is.

3. New OOH?
As technologies evolve over time, we could now see different types of out-of-home that can work well in tandem with the rest of the channels when it comes to running advertising campaigns.

In the Age of Digital rise

There are many applications we could have utilizing these new and much more beautiful screens. With a new and appealing look, it also adds value to the advertiser’s brand by creating a unique customer experience when the advertisement is exposed to the audience using these screens.