Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Device

This advanced technology, which is quite helpful and it measures body temperature by forehead or armpit and achieve the real-time image transmissions, full-screen measurement, AI face detection, and the most important is that it alert while having the high temperature. This is the type of thermometer in other words it is also called infrared thermometer that is commonly used in the hospitals, schools, railway stations, airports, factories, malls, parks, customs, and so on. So let us get more information about this amazing thermal face recognition temperature measuring device that has gained a lot of popularity in the present time. This is quite helpful as we are currently suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic or the expansion of deadly viruses such as flu.

Basics of the thermal face recognition temperature measuring device

A thermal face recognition temperature measuring device is working as the fever scanning system along with the dual vision thermal cameras for the community or crowded places, where there is a large number of the flow of the people. This is the device that utilizes infrared thermal technology to offer accurate real-time temperature measurements only just by detecting the people who have abnormal temperatures.

  • If you measure the temperature of eth person within the distance of 7 to 8 meters, then there is an accuracy of 3 Celsius. There is the efficiency will be at 0.3celcius, if the temperature is measuring from 1 to 2 meters.
  • The maximum number of the temperature measure setup is six, and the maximum, minimum, and average temperature zone will display in each area. And one can take the screenshots of thermal and visuals.
  • With the maximum and minimum temperature tracking with the full-screen measurement of the body temperature.
  • For the maximum and the minimum temperature value, there is ODS overly display. Along with this, this is a unique and fantastic image enhancement device that offers the best quality of the explicit images.
  • It also supports RTSP and ONVIF, and the SDK is provided along with this for the subsequent developments.

Features of thermal face recognition temperature measuring device

  • The most crucial thermal imaging detector pixel dimensions are nearly 256*192, and it has the highest pixel density than any other thermal detector.
  • Well, it supports only non-contact temperature measurements, and it automatically tracked the measurement of eth face temperature.
  • In the realm of the view, it provides the full screen the temperature of the body along with the Temperature data OSD overlay screen display.
  • For measuring the temperature of the face, the distance must be up to 4 to 6m, and the results take the only millisecond that is counted the fastest speed of the temperature detection. Along with this, it can measure up to 6 people at one time.

    This is one of the advanced technology that is basically designed to detect the fever screening in large businesses and also it is made up of the fully-embedded dual-light detection system for the detection of eth human beings’ body temperature. In the present time, this can be tailored according to the preference of the consumer’s requirements.

Applications of thermal face recognition temperature measuring device

Well, the thermal face recognition temperature measuring device is basically used at airports, railway stations, corporate entries, railway stations, cinema halls, restaurants, bus stations, and the places that are crowded with a large number of people. Airports are the proactively recruited such devices that are sensitive to the thermal temperature so that they can check the body temperature of the non-native person and the passengers along with the crew members. Surprisingly, it also detects the body or face temperature even that they are wearing the mask, and it is too sensitive that it can discover within a short time along with it also permits to move the person while checking out the temperature.
It is incredibly advantageous to the hospitals, medical amenities as it can help them in distant and early detection. With these thermal cameras, the officers can get aware and can make the distance from the infected individuals, and after that, they can carry out the virus-specific test. Including this, there is a wide range of organizations, and the health amenities have deployed the thermal scanners by following the EBT detection method that is elevated body temperature and can help them to cure in the best manner.

Benefits of thermal face recognition temperature measuring device

There are countless benefits of thermal face recognition temperature measuring device as it offers instant body temperature measurements by using the infrared thermal imaging measurement accuracy. It is too easy to install, simple to operate, and consists of the automatic alert function. It is quite surprising to offer the on-screen and the audible alert signals against the risk of spreading the infections.

AI software features

The primary key feature of AI Software is that it is viewing the people’s faces and the temperature measurements. It is software that can raise the automatic alert for people whose body temperature is more than the 37.3 Celsius. Including this, AI Software can raise an auto alarm on detecting people without wearing a mask. AI Software can detect the temperature of the people with ±0.1℃ (with the black body in the lab environment) accuracy in range 30℃ – 45℃

8″ Thermal Hands-Free Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Device


• Hands-free operation
• Supports message communication
• Real-time attendance monitoring
• Access control. Doors only open when body temperature is normal
• Supports facial recognition with a card swipe, facial only, card only & thumb punch
• PC Management for easy use
• Smart & Intelligent enhances the front desk ambiance
• Suitable for wall mount, tabletop, and floor standing

Product Features

thermal face recognition temperature device
Automatic Detection
face recognition temperature device
Mask Recognition
Smart Voice
Smart Voice
Identity Verification
Identity Verification
Crowd Monitoring
Crowd Monitoring
Data Management
Data Management


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21.5″ LCD Auto Dispenser Hand Sanitiser


• Hands-Free operation controlling cross-infection.
• Controlled dispensing minimizing wastage.
• Built-in camera with a thermometer, detects & displays body temperature on the screen.
• Plug & play 21.5” Digital Screen which can be used for internal communications.
• Connect to PC & remotely manage content on the screen using wifi.
• Up to 5 ltr. Sanitizer storage capacity.
• Easy refilling.


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