LED Advertising Panel

The New Way to Advertise

Advertise your Business using our Intelligent LED advertising screen Platform

At our Pixie Pitch, we can help you in advertising your Business with the help of the LED. We believe that these days promoting a business using LEDs is the best choice to improve the visibility of your business while making use of LEDs.


Why our LED advertising screen Platform is different from the others?

We know how much it is difficult to grab the attention of the visitors, while you are having a lot of competition among your competitors. In this case, the only thing which can benefit you is our LED advertising services. We will give a new push to your marketing skills with our advertising platform. With our exclusive LED advertising platform, you can provide a bloom to your Business. 


Advanced Technologies

We keep on updating our advertising platforms. Therefore we have the best and smart LED’s which work on the latest technologies. It is the only thing, which makes us the better and the best-LED advertising platform services provider across the area. With our services, you can only beat your competitor. 


Amazing and Trustworthy Services

Having services from the amazing and trustworthy services provider is the primary priority of our customers. We are among the list of fantastic and reliable services provider in Singapore. While you have our services, you will not get worried as your Business is in good hands.


Beneficial for all the types of Industries

Our services are beneficial for all the types of industries, whether it is eCommerce business, agricultural sector, fashion, automobile, or any other, we have the best solution for everyone.  


Reasons that make the Best LED Advertising Services provider

Completely creative: Our services are entirely innovative; we have thousands of choices of LED advertising solutions. So, our customers can easily choose any of their options depending upon their priority and their budget. 

Offering Low Maintenance and Highly durability: The LED’s that you can have from our Pixie Pitch are entirely made with having low maintenance fees and having impressive strength. Our amazing LED advertising boards cannot get damaged easily, which makes them have fantastic durability.

Exclusively Bright and attention-grabbing Displays: The most significant advantage of having our advertising LED is that they are made with such technology, which is solely bright, and they are made to grab the attention of the customers. They are always the best choice of events, fairs, or other occasions. 

Easy to operate: The LED displays that you can find from our Pixie Pitch are very much comfortable to work. They can be produced with the help of wifi connection. You can also check all the settings within the LED within a single click, and it is a great thing, which makes this the best-LED advertising services provider.

Got Amazing options of content creation: While you will have this, then you will get a lot of options for creating content. You can change, add, or update the message, which is displaying to your LED within a single click.


Waterway Point (Punggol)

LEVEL 1 Boardwalk (24hr)

(2M x 4M screen)
LED advertising screen

Basement –
Event Square

(1.5M X 3M Screen)
LED advertising screen

Basement –
Market Square

(2M x 5M screen)
LED advertising panel