Interactive Touch Screen LED Display


Smart and Intelligent Choices of Interactive Touch Screen LED Display are here at Pixie Pitch


We are the leading touch screen display screen services provider, which will help you in grabbing the attention of your customers within a single click. Our motive is to bring all the innovative advertising solutions to all the types of business owners while keeping their budget in our minds. We have helped a lot of public, private, and corporate companies and fulfilled all of their requirements related to the touch screen displays. 

We are a hi-end and interactive LED touch screen display services provider, which are entirely cost-effective. We have the best and expert team, who are having expertise in handling all the maintenance and installation tasks within the touch screen displays.  


Interactive Touch Screen LED Display – The Best Choice for entertainment and Business Industry

We have thousands of satisfied customers from across Singapore, and they are delighted with our services. Our effective integration and maintenance services are very much popular among our customers. We always use latest-technology in offering the best solution related to the touch screen display. 

We offer a full range of intelligent and smart touch screen displays, which offers a mesmerizing image quality. Our intelligent touch screen displays will match all of your expectations and will suit your budget as well, even though it will suit your environment as well. They have brilliant performance and are durable as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions related to our Touch Screen displays


What type of systems that I can use along with the touch screen LED displays?

The most significant advantage of having our touch screen display is that they can easily get connected along with the different types of systems. No matter what kind of system you are using, it can be MS-DOS, Windows, or Linux, you can efficiently operate it along with them.


What type of mouse that I can use along with the Interactive Touch Screen LED display?

Our Touch screen displays are made with intelligent technology, and they have fantastic mouse functions. It works exactly like the standard mouse. It has left-click, right-click and drag and drop features as well. 


How does the touch screen LED display get connected along with my system?

The touch screen displays require a USB connection or RS-232 connection to get connected with the computer. So, no matter what type of operating system like Windows, Linux, or DOS you are using, it can get easily attached.

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